jumping jaguar with j-shaped spots and blue jay in the jungle dandelions in the wind making different expressions Surfer monkey making a hang loose sign Basset hound in speedos and fins
A bunch of kids in a tree in distorted perspective Jungle scene with vines, bromeliads, spider monkeys, morphos and more photoshop collage with childhood themes, and a foaty white doll thing with a feather on top it's head Nakie Jenny as a lion, being chased by a wrist watch turned predatory animal
Cover design with the main characters in a fantasy landscape Two-page spread: monkey running with a white cat over his shoulders, imagining feeding it a mango Two-page spread: monkey hears an unhappy meow and runs towards it A couple cartoon spots, guy holding and loving the world and a colorful group debating about it over open bibles
Calico cat in active pose, in a pirate hat and holding a sword in her mouth Smiling frog on a transluscent leaf, two versions, and a seperate ladybug image Three small banners, each with kids of a different age in winged costumes: bee, butterfly and airplane Pink monkeylion on a light green background

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